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Ecosia es una aplicasion que esta ayudando de manera eficaz a la naturaleza luchando con el cambio climático, así puedes ayudar al planeta mientras haces las investigaciones habituales
Vamos ajudar o planeta, a cada 45 pesquisas feitas no navegador; uma árvore é plantada! / We will help the planet, for every 45 searches made in the browser; a tree is planted!
It is a quite valid browser, even tho it's not as complete as Chrome. I use it quite often, you have access to every service that is not strictly linked to Google (maps and similar are not automatic) but I highly recommend it if you care about helping the environment and helping growing trees
Just like Safari, but it grows trees!😄 I use it for a year now and I really like it. They also have news about how the planting is going and many information about the climate situation and tips for how you can improve yourself to be more eco. Great app!
Esta app es un buscador como google, pero cada vez que lo usas platan un arbol 🌲❤️🌳❤️🌴 Podemos trabajar para salvar el medio ambiente mientras navegamos en la red, sólo hace falta ser responsables con nuestro día a día y saber cómo, tomemos la iniciativa 💪🏻 💙 ( LikexLike no a más de 5 rec)
Ecosia is the perfect ecological searcher that you can use instead of Google!🌱🌲 Every 45 searches you make you plant 1 tree, and at the end of the month they upload the money they have earned, how many trees they have planted and where they been planted. It's the best sercher in the world ❤❤
Plant trees while you search the web We use the profit we make from your searches to plant trees where they are needed most. Get the free browser extension and plant trees with every search.
This app is so underrated. I wish people would know more about it. After every 45 searches that you make, a tree gets planted. Which is amazing. 100/10❤️