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Very good app
Take notes on your phone and computer. Organize them with tags/color schemes, create checklists and much more ✨
It's my favorite app for taking notes, it sincronizes with a chrome browser extension so you can have your notes at hand when you need them the most. Besides text notes it allows you to create a handwriting, drawings and voice clips. It's a must have app for anyone who wants to be productive.
Notas do Keep, bloco de notas da Google simples e prático.
With this app you can save notes, I never used any other than this one. It's a Google app so you can log in with your G account and sync all the notes on any device, pretty useful when you need to remember something you'll need to do later.
Get focused
Sincroniza com todos os dispositivos com conta google
This one I use more on the going. When I am traveling and I want to remember small details to explore on my writing later, I write them here during the visit, or the walk..
nice app to keep you organised