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Aquí al igual que en google maps añado la ruta y la info importante de los puntos marcados a visitar, sitios donde pernoctar, etc.
If you're travelling in a new country this app allows you to make the download of the map from the place you're visiting and use it all the time without running off of you're mobile data
This app it's perfect because you can use without internet. You can find all you want when you're traveling and you can also add what you want and help other users. I used in Asia and works very well. Definitly recommend.😃👍🏽
Becaude Offline is not a problem
Best offline maps you can have. Totally free
I love using this offline map while traveling, and not only. You can download the maps you want ahead of time, pin the places on the map and it even has travel guides that for a small amount you can download.
Like a google maps but in Nepal and Myanmar it was very handy as it showed me the paths in treks in the middle of nowhere
Very convenient if you don’t have internet because you can download the map and use it offline!🌍