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Splitwise makes it easy to split bills with friends and family. Whether you are sharing a ski vacation, splitting rent with roommates, or paying someone back for lunch. Data is stored in the cloud so that you can access it anywhere: on iPhone, Android, or on your computer.
When travelling with friends it’s quite tough to be sure of how much money you owe or people owe you, and you always have the sensation of losing money😅. This app makes ridiculously simple to keep the track of the money flow within your group of friends. I use it always and it’s TOTALLY FREE!
Split group expenses and keep a track on our own expenses never was this easy 💸
To split bills
Are you traveling with friends? Buying presents with a lot of people? Going for that party where each one buys something and in the end you need to 'split' wise(ly)? This is the app for you! Also perfect to keep track of our monthly costs ;)
Are you going with friends on holidays? Or doing some activities together where you need to pay? This is perfect for all of you because you just need to put the amount you pay for all and the app split that between everyone! So at the end you will know ho
The best way to share accounts with friends
My go to app for splitting expenses. From a simple dinner to a friends vacation trip!