Defending Jacob


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Daddy Chris Evans 🤤 Great show
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One of the best shows I’ve seen in a long time: every second grabs you, everything & everyone is great and you can’t help but ask yourself what would you do if you were those parents.
another crime series, but this is about the young man who had his life changed after his classmate was murdered and all the evidence was pointed out to him...
SO. EFFING. GOOD. No need to say more, pal 😌
Intense. A parents’ worse nightmare... Was it Jacob? Watch and find out!
I was surprised about this serie. Gotta say that I actually liked it, the uncertainty about the murderer is what keeps you engaged. When you think you figured it out, you realize you don't. I totally recommend it if you're into Crime/Mysterious series.
Best drama serie I had seen for long time