Délirium Café



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No words for the environment in this place
Iconic café that offers a menu with over 2000 beer brands. It’s not my everyday place to go, but a place where I take my friends that visit Brussels for the first time.
As beer lover, for me this place is almost the paradise. A several offer (more than 2000)of different beer tastes. The best? Delirium tremens!
Amazing café where you can try a lot of different craft beers. A must go for beer lovers.
You can taste more than 2000 beers from around the globe!
Amazing experience for beer lovers.🍻
One of the coolest places in Brussels to have a beer 🍻
Delirium Café is famous for its beer menu with over 2000 brands. Undoubtedly, you should visit this space with a very unique decoration.
Bar típico de Bruselas con un montón de tipos de cervezas.