Fava Tonka

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Delicious food, gorgeous ambiance and very good service. Highly recommend for vegetarians and non-vegetarians! Ask for an average of 3 dishes per 2 persons, and be involved by the experience. 😋
Vegetarian, seasonal, organic and beautiful food 🤤
Super fancy! Mas valeu a pena 🌱
Very good Vegan Restaurant, very nice people, and they really help you to choose, even for a meat lover 😅 €€
Vegetarian dishes taken to another level of creativity and fun by chef Nuno Castro.
believe it or not, it’s vegan and... tastes really good!! (brulee de limonete, iogurte natural e pólen). Também aconselho a couve coração c/ emulsão de batatas e jus de cebola 😇 (prato principal)
Divinal... Vegetariano top