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Livro autoral com recomendações para a carreira, com pitadas da fundadora da loja online "Nastygal", com seu humor negro e sagaz.
Futuras girls Bosses, this book is for you.
The inspirational story of Sophia Amoruso, ‘Nasty Gal’ creator
Super recomendable!
Amazing amazing amazing, also recommended the series (they have nothing to do with each other, the book is pretty business advice)
Excelent book!! Based on Sophia Amoruso life, and how she built her online business Nasty Gal. It gives really good tips about online business it is funny, realistic and motivating
Loved this book; Sophia Amoruso tells her story of how she started with NastyGal and also her experience through life.
Empowering women is the key to success in life!!!! Empoderar a las mujeres es la clave del éxito en la vida!!!!
An inspirational woman who teaches us how to be a true girl boss in this decade. Gives great advices for young girls who need a good source of experiences based on trial and error.