American Museum of Natural History

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I love the AMNH. I visit it every time I have the chance! As a dinolover I think this is the main reason why I never get tired of it. Please beware there can be long lines in high season (summer-winter) Also, a few people know this but the entry fee is optional, you can pay less if you want ;)
En el Upper West Side, pegado a Central Park.
American Museum of Natural History
Very big and interesting museum 👐🏼
🇬🇧In this Museum we learn at every step!🗺 🇵🇹Neste Museu aprendemos a cada passo! 🗺
Importante: pagas lo que tu quieras (pay as you wish.)
Great museum! You can pay as much as you want for the ticket. 🦖 Gran museo, puedes pagar lo que quieras por entrar.🦕