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Las Ramblas is one of the main streets in Barcelona with many corners to explore.
🇬🇧 The best street in town. Full of performances, life and music! 🎶. 🇵🇹 A melhor rua da cidade. Cheia de performances, vida e música! 🎶
Local agradável
Barcelona's city center is great for walking! Enjoy La Rambla as the main avenue, don't forget to enter El Mercado de la Boqueria to eat, u'll find everything fresh there! Also, go left on the map and get to know the Gothic quarter with no google maps, yo
Amazing view, go there for a walk and u won't regret it for sure!!
The best place to walk and relax.
This street is so beautiful 🙈
It is the most central avenue, which runs through the city center and is a dynamic and lively avenue