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se recomienda visitar con puestas de sol o de atardecer, increíble al ojo!!
View of Barcelona
Perfect point view of the city and a place to have fun in the theme park 🎢
The best rollercoaster in Barcelona, good for the kids
I'm just saying...No wonder Joey from Friends used it to flirt with women.
A magic place ❤️
Nice park with nice view of the city! When the sun goes down you see a wonderful picture of Barcelona 😍
An amusement park, a panoramic area and a temple 🎡🏛 all of this in the same place, and in the middle of a forest on top of Barcelona! 🌲 Amazing 💯
Totally worth for the view. If you're not afraid of heights go to the top to enjoy the best view over the city ( Beware of the wind 😂)
A beautiful church overlooking the city for a perfect end of day 🥰