Pain and Glory



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Una joya! Imperdible ❤
An aging film director suffering from chronic illness and writer's block reflects on his life. 6/10
Recently watched 💻 A carefully made Spanish drama and a great performance by Antonio Banderas 🇪🇸
Another gem from the genius Almodóvar! “We were as two people can be, but each one in his own world.”
Pedro Almodóvar and António Banderas. This is not a movie. It’s pure nostalgia...
This autobiographical film by Pedro Almodóvar has heart and intimacy, during the film we can see the great love he has for his mother and the desire of the main character to meet again with the people who have gone through his life and to meet again with
Almodóvar provides an intimate, personal pseudo-memoir of a man trying to look back, as a way of having a reason to carry on into the future.