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[3B0 REVIEW-2]: MISSING ON PEOOPLE: 7-Ability to present 2others profile collections by initial fixed favorite order. 8-Allow to put one 1img/full cover in each collection. 7-invite friends feature should be also by other means/apps/mail,not only whatsapp.
3BO REVIEW-2: MISSING ON PEOOPLE: 7-Ability to reorder home collections.
[3BO/REVIEW-1]: MISSING ON PEOOPLE: 1-Dark theme 2-Background image feature. 3-Ability to put link to site. 4-Allow hastags. 5-Allow preview as others. 6-Allow edit title/categories/link after published. 7-The already favorited to our collections are not appearing with the bluefav icon highlightout.
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10/10. Super recomendada. Apps para influencers
The top of the line app in recommendation