The Promised Neverland



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Eu no ep 11: 👁️💦👄💦👁️
The promised no neverland
Yakuzoku no neverland
Ya está disponible en Netflix
Much hyped. Slow pace and start. Same topic, unique spin to it. "Humans being eaten by some kind of creature, farms, escape and truth". The good part comes in the second half of the series with big plot twists and secrets being revealed. For that reason you should watch it and wait for season 2.✔️👌
A mind-blowing anime about foster children discovering about the world they live in. Wouldn't recommend it for kids, though.
I really recommend it for people who like mystery !! But I can no longer see my b'day the same
Suprising because the story unwraps giving crazy turns.
These children live in an orphanage thinking they will get a foster family and training themselves to have a great strategic mind until three of them find out the truth about what happens to the ones the leave. They use a tag game to train themselves without getting caught so they can escape.
Vale a pena.!