The Grand Budapest Hotel


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Se você gosta de fotografia e paleta de cores, vai pirar com esse maravilhoso filme. É um filme peculiar e muito divertido, talvez não seja a melhor obra de Wes Anderson, mas é meu favorito. Tbm acho a história muito boa, a vibe do filme é muito gostosa! Vale a pena assistir.
O Grand Budapest Hotel narra as aventuras de Gustave H, um lendário rececionista num famoso hotel europeu entre as guerras; e Zero Moustafa, o bagageiro que se torna o seu amigo mais leal.
A masterpiece in every possible way, from its color palette to its soundtrack, from its performances to its scenography, a film that truly deserves to be in a museum. A cinematography paradise.
the first movie we watched together and one of my (mariah01) favorite movies, it’s a good choice for days when you just want to forget about your problems and dive in the beautiful universe created by Wes Anderson. Known for his aesthetics pleasing pictures, tgbd is probably his most famous story.
This is pure design and sweetness. Wes Anderson truly knows how to tell stories
“There are still faint glimmers of civilization left in this barbaric slaughterhouse that was once known as humanity...”
This movie makes you feel and understand the beauty of the seventh art.
A cinematic feast!
Fotografía, soundtrack 10/10
Me pareció interesante e intrigante