Life is Strange

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Si pudieras cambiar algo del pasado, ¿lo harías? Un juego donde te preguntarás si cada decisión que tomas es la correcta
I think I've found in this my fav game. Here you can make so many desicions which have impact to the game story. And this is so exciting because of the different awesome story lines you experience by playing this. And the best part: it's available for almost every console, also for smartphones!
Life is strange...
It's a good game but a little slow 😊
Interesante juego, toma de decisiones
Lo toy probamdo
Midwest emo girl simulator is on point with the Twin Peaks inspired plot and atmosphere, you get to decide the fate of a small town which destiny is in the hands of a deadpan teen, charming af tho
I don’t have words to say. Is one of the best video games which makes you cry, smile, and everything you can’t imagine.
Hipster y Bueno 🙏🎮
lo recomiendooo! 🔥🔥🔥👌 F 4 F