The Sims 4

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O melhor para simular uma vida
I love this game so much 🔥
My sister loved it
i play the sims 4 since the day it was released. me and my friend love this game! it's very fun to play and customize your sim and your house, however, the game tends to get a little repetitive and boring sometimes. the good this is mods and cc existes, bringing new things to the game!
I’ve been playing this game since The Sims 1. It’s funny how entertaining it is, you can keep playing it for 84 years and you’d still have new things to try. Expansion packs are still coming out and they make the game even better. Best thing about it? The music in simlish. Vote: 9/10
A bit less social but still really fun and entertaining. You can create your avatar all the way to your house, there is so much you can do and there are always some cheat codes to help you out. Plus you have extension packs that bring so much diversity. Been playing these games since Sims2.