La Barceloneta

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A beautiful beach in the middle of Barcelona 🌴〰️
We take a walk at the beach, and is very nice!! Is possible to go at the Ramblas walking 😉
Good beach located in the city... good to sightsee during the morning/lunch and afternoon jump in this amazing water 💧
Best views of the see of Barcelona with the greatest city
The best beach in Barcelona, either you decide to go for a walk and happens to be in this beach or you go there on purpose, you won’t be disappointed. The Mediterranean Sea water is salty, warm and cristal blue. People try to sell things on the beach, so be ware or you might be cheated.
Love this place! Full of people and good energy! ✨ next to the beach with cool bars and restaurants.
La Barceloneta stands next to the sea and it offers a different way to explore Barcelona. With its restaurants and street markets, it's a must for every new tourist
Beach with different kinds of stones, where you can chill with your friends while you watch the sea
The beach is clearly the main attraction of Barceloneta, and is full of locals and tourists all summer.