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Mini séries dá nisto.
In a police interrogation room, London investigators engage in intense games of psychological cat-and-mouse with their suspects to find the answers that they need to solve their cases. 4/5
Just 3 episodes. Intense. All the action takes place in an interview room. Different suspects, same investigators.
Behind every criminal case there’s a great time of detectives that has to interview the suspects and nothing is as clear as it looks. On the UK 👌🏻
You like short series/documentaries? Well this one is a great series but my favorite one of all are the cases of UK, they show you 3 homicides and the declarations of the suspects. But there’s a twist ;)
A melhor dos Criminal. Tem David Tennant em um episódio!
Muito bom mesmo!
Recomendada 🙂
Ótima série. Recomendo que assistam o trailer.
Pra quem gosta de vê os interrogatórios e vê como os investigadores solucionam os casos.